Due to the importance of maintaining quality and standards, all the raw material and products should receive the green card from QC labs, at the mean time, the IPQC plays an important role in the production line.



Dissolution tester

Physical and chemical test labs:
Tests are carried out in this unit, on measuring UV, HPLC, tablet’s opening time, hardness and the chemical composition. The apparatus used in this unit include carle fisser, potentiometer, refract meter and dissolution tester.

Special test’s lab:
Tests that involve solvents which vaporize at low temperatures, are carried out here.

Archive room:
Samples of all the distributed products are kept in conditions, similar to that of the consumer in the way of light, temperature and humidity, to track the possible defects.

Microbe test labs :
Taking into account the safety regulations, the microbe testing equipments are placed in a special room.



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