Mehdarou Pharmacutical company was established in 1956, under the management of Dr. Meshkinpoor. In 1973 Mehrdaroo started production under the name Savapharm, placed second in the production of drugs after Dr. Abidi drug company.

From 1973 to 1979 Savapharm continued its work, producing pills, tablets and solutions.
After the Iranian revolution of 1979, Savapham’s activities were affected and in1985, the company was renamed Mehrdaro

Mehrdaroo is the first Iranian company to produce drugs labeled generics, an act which became compulsory for other companies.

Today while Mehrdarou employs 7 experts, 50 production line workers and 10 bureaucratic staff, it is capable of producing 1000 million pills 150 million packages, 200 million film coats and 100 million capsules per year.

Mehrdarou is located at the 8th kilometer of Tehran-Karaj highway within an area of 8000 m².

With 35 years of experience, Mehrdarou has the knowledge and technology to produce 51 different kinds of drug. With the current trends and expertise in the R&D we are optimistic to improve our quality and variety of our products.

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